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We moved to Salem in 2006. It was a long close with gates at both ends, a fifty naira trip away from our old street, ‘Wike Close’ that had no gates and was walled at the end. Wike was a dirt path that had puddles of water and garbage most of the time while Salem was a hard cemented road that had puddles of water and garbage on it most of the time. I hated the move; I have never liked changes and I had enjoyed the expansive compound in Wike and was rather irritated…

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I think I’ll call this one treasure.

— I heard somewhere that we walk away from our dreams, sometimes, afraid of failure, and other times, afraid of success. I think that it is a little bit of both for me: I am afraid of the failure that looms behind success. Like when you write a great story and everyone is waiting for the next one, but in your heart, you know there is no topping that.

it’s 12:34 in lagos,

outside, the sun is brighter than all the yellow bulbs my mind can conjure,

or maybe not- i am just guessing;

the curtains have covered the window…

“I’m grateful to be employed in Nigeria as it is.”

A couple of days ago, I was asked to mention something I was grateful for, and that was my answer. Everyone present laughed and clapped and the burden of speaking was passed to the next person. To be frank, I only said it because I thought it was a funny thing to say, and since it was a light-hearted, positive session, I needed to say something in line with the general mood.

The truth is that the first answer that popped in my mind was another question: “What’s there to…

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Before I start this story, there are some things you should know.

Now, I don’t know if they are essential to the story, I’ll let you decide that for yourself. I am telling you because- well because I think they add some perspective; not to the story, but to me. Maybe a small part of my mind is hoping that you would have some sympathy when I tell you what it is I want to say. Maybe, just maybe- you’d understand. I don’t know, really, but I am digressing, aren’t I? …

ancient alchemists will tell you that the ouroboros symbolises infinity and self-perfection. my father will tell you that alchemy is just a synonym for witchcraft and by extension, the snake eating its tail is strong occultism.

you want to know what i think?

i think that some seer in ancient Egypt had a vision of my life and was inspired to illustrate the sadness he had just seen. the result was the ouroboros: a snake, the vilest and slipperiest of beasts eating its own tail; self destroying while extending the pain. a continuous cycle of drowning and temporary rescues, only…

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Anyone who knew Sarah for all of two minutes could tell you that she believed in destiny. It was all she talked about. Fate was her driving force; ‘everything happens for a reason’ her watchword. Spontaneity had no place in her vocabulary and psyche. She did not believe that random things happened to people but that every single action and reaction, right down to driblets of rain falling steadily through her leaking roof was part of a master plan; designs on the blueprint of a supreme being.

So it was no surprise to her friends…

they said that kola loved to make things with his hands; beautiful figures of wood, and clay, and paper, and everything he could mold.

they said that kola loved fairytales. so he made sculptures of Cinderella and Snow White and the Dalmatians.

they said that kola who couldn’t hurt a fly, wanted fairness at all times. that he stood for justice and that when the protests started, he didn’t even think twice.

they said kola was at lekki, smiling and singing; his heart burning with newfound hope for his country.

they said kola was at lekki, and then he wasn’t.

Russian Doll, Netflix [2019].

Hey Mister Man.

That’s a funny name, really. Really good name for your show, but it’s not your real name is it? No, because I checked you out. Your name is Ambrose Ndubuisi. The funny thing is that your voice always sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it. Ambrose Ndubuisi, aka Suede, UNN Law Class of 2007. Matric Number: 020501234.

Google is so helpful sometimes, you know? I guess you’re ashamed of your name and that’s why you use mister man instead of Ambrose. Good choice, in my opinion. All the Ambroses I know are dickheads. Including you.

You know…

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Stephen King once said that every memory has a marker: something that triggers your mind whenever it is mentioned. My mind is triggered by people. Experiences; good and bad are brought to the fore whenever the people I associate them with are mentioned. And when I think about it, all my memories are triggered by you; good or bad, because the only experiences worth remembering are the ones I shared with you.

I remember the times we spent;

under the night sky; how you seemed to trap the silver moonlight in your eyes and speak the…

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there’s a slight drizzle outside the front door, and the breeze carries the sour-sweet smell of rain through the windows, into the house.

but there is no joy in this place, despite the sweet rain, in spite of sweet rain.

because joy is at home; and home is a place i cannot return to.

home is you.


i was born in aba, and that is why all my life i have felt like a spare part. *currently on a break from writing and i don't know if i'll return*

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